Command/Control + Shift + I

This keyboard command in Adobe’s Photoshop will invert the selection, sometimes called the “marching ants”.

This can be very useful for trimming certain areas of your design.
For example:

Select a layer and then from the top bar choose Select > Modify > Contract , set it to 5px and then press Ok

A new selection is made that has been pulled in by 5px and if you press delete, you have removed the middle of your design and are left with a nice border.

But what if you wanted to remove the “outside” and not the “inside” of the selection?

After you have pressed “Ok” to convert your selection, press ‘Command/Control + Shift + I’ and now press delete.

Red rectangle with semi transparent white gradient overlay that has edges trimmed

You should have successfully removed the border of your design by 5px which can be very useful for some subtle design treatments!

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